We laid face to face on the sofa, as we often do. I was trying to explain how it feels knowing how to skip, but not being able to make it happen. “I just push down with that leg and hop forward, then in a split second I push with that leg and I’m away again! Bringing my knees up high and bouncing!”. I could feel how to do it. Why can’t I do it? With my eyes closed I saw myself, hair flowing behind me, skipping down the street with my arms out wide. I made mini skipping movements with my legs while laying down, “And one, and two, and three..” my knees knocking Kirsty’s, “faster! Faster!”. A smile spread across my face as I felt the breeze, faster, faster. The exhilaration of bouncing high and speeding forward, the rush, the joy!
“You looked beautiful just then” said Kirsty.
“Because I was free” I said.
And then we cried.


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